#Evaluating e-residency


This is a short post to evaluate the Estonia e-residency program.

The cover picture is from wikipedia, credits here.



Estonia e-residency is a service provided by the Republic of Estonia in order to grant access to digital services to anyone in the world.

The e-residency allows e-residents to setup and remotely manage a company in Estonia, to open and manage a bank account in Finland, to digitally sign contracts and to declare estonian taxes online.

The e-residency program seems to be target especially to app developers and cloud providers.

e-residency is not related to citizenship and does not give the right to physically enter or reside in Estonia.


  • e-residents can benefit digital inclusion by using their cards to login into Estonian state services and into private services like Banks and Insurances.
  • e-residents can setup and manage a company online.
  • e-residency is NOT a proposal to avoid taxes, so it is legal in your home country.
  • there are treaties for the avoidance of double taxation between Estonia and many countries, so e-resident companies should pay taxes only in one country, either Estonia or they home country.
  • e-residents companies can sign contracts and make business under the same Estonian law system.
  • e-residents can open a bank account and operate un €.
  • low bureacracy cost: bank account + business address + accounting cost around € 100 / month.
  • the Estonian state certifies the identity of all e-residents by collecting their fingerprints.
  • e-residency grants access to the eIDAS program.
  • authentication APIs can be used by service providers.


  • e-residents still have to deal with their own country tax bureaucracy.
  • to deal with tax offices from two different countries results in an increase of bureaucracy, even if a company avoids double taxation.
  • starting 04.04.2019 Estonia accepts the Italian digital identity SPID, so there may be no need for an Italian to apply for an Estonian e-Residency.


Here is the link to the e-residency AMA on Reddit.