Seven reasons to move to Palermo

An invitation to business and IT people

The city center

Palermo city center is a lovely pedestrian area full of caffè and boutiques.

The city center has been named Unesco World Heritage.

Fontana Pretoria is the city's monumental symbol.

Mondello beach

Mondello crystal clear sea is just a 10 km ride from Palermo city center with Urban bus 806.

The entrance to the beach is free.

Cultural events

Dozens of cultural events take place in Palermo everyday.

Teatro Massimo is one of the most important opera house in the world.

Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa is a 55.000 square metre area dedicated to cultural events.

Festino di Santa Rosalia is the baroque city festival held every July the 14th.

Sicilian food

Sicilian food tastes like the sun and the sea.

Too many restaurants should be named as an excellence, Antica Focacceria San Francesco, Fud bottega sicula and San Lorenzo Mercato are just three examples.


People from 127 different nationalities live in peace in Palermo

"Consulta delle Culture" is a representative body for all those who have a different nationality than the Italian one.

"Consulta delle Culture" acts as an advisory and proposing body for the Mayor choices.

Internet connection

Palermo is the node of many submarine internet cables.

The city is covered with "Fiber to the home" Gigabit internet connection brought by Open Fiber.

The council town itself runs an optical fiber network for state offices and smart city services.

There are two internet exchange point, the Sicily HUB and the Open HUB Med.

Many coworking spaces are open to the freelance community, like Crezi and Scalo 5B.

Palermo Airport

Palermo airport is just a 31 minutes train ride from Notarbartolo Railway Station, connecting the city to dozens of European destinations.

Every take off and landing grants you a spectacular view of the sea.

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